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African craft market

Welcome to TheOnlineDuka – your very own corner
of the African heartland. If you want to explore art online, you are in the right place. Our digital marketplace offers an array of benefits, including diversity, efficiency, and transparent pricing. Purchasing art online provides the convenience of browsing through a global selection
of artworks.

  • Elegance

    We offer a select range of handmade beaded jewelry and personal accessories,as well as handwoven home decor product, focused on detail and quality workmanship

  • Sustainability

    A proudly Kenyan company that showcases,empowers and develops rural women through craft thereby creating sustainable communities.

  • Impact

    We believe in being community oriented,yet business focused and strive to have a positive impact in the communities we work with.

  • Brilliant. Absolutely amazing. Exactly as pictured, good quality shirt and good quality print. Great communication and excellent service - couldn’t recommend more!

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  • I am unbelievably happy that this painting happens to be in my hands! it gives off the subtle but power posture and the workmanship is just top notch

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  • Awesome shirt and image quality- love the design! Fast shipping! Love the quality of the item, and will definitely be looking at any future designs added to the shop.

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  • Probably one of my new favorite shirts. i bought another one that i'll be posting this exact review on even though it's a different shirt.

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